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Happiness… Contentment … Satisfaction… Fulfillment… All come from your ordinary daily life. From the work you choose to do — although not necessarily from the employment you have. From your relationships. From your everyday personal interests and activities. From everyday events and experiences. You get to choose experiences you include in every day. You get to choose how you experience what happens every day. You get to create meaningful experiences for yourself and others.

And that is the theme of this website: positive psychology, positive living, positive thinking and feeling — what can you do for yourself and others to add little practical delights to everyday life. To find ways to shape your everyday events and experiences to make them bright and positive ones. At home. At work. With friends and family. Across a distance.

Many of the “big” things in life are out of our hands — let me know if you’ve actually learned how to control the global economy, solved the issues of crime, ended world hunger or even learned how to get exactly the employment you want, when you need or want it, in the place you want it, for as long as you want it.

You may not have power to, say, cure cancer.  But you do have the power to visit the sick, donate to research, offer to adult-sit the bed-ridden to allow a primary caretaker some relief time.  And you have the power to do such delightfully helpful, caring things every day.

You also have the power every day to do something small to advance the accomplishment, in the long-term, of a cherished dream.  To do something kind for someone you love and grow or maintain the loving relationship.  To send a note or card to a friend who’s lost a job, and brighten their day.  It is all of those kinds of actions that form the basis of your power in life.  Those small actions add up.  And as they add up, you find you’ve learned how to empower yourself in any situation.

At everydaydelight.com you’ll find resources for daily enjoyment, self-empowerment and the celebration of the everyday.  You’ll find posts, articles, links, ebooks, videos, book recommendations, tutorials, and interesting products.  We’re starting slow and small, just as we recommend you do as you work daily to improve and enjoy your life.

Originally, the domain everydaydelight.com was conceived and published by my sister, Cindy Bryan. It was she that developed the slogan “Celebrate the Everyday Every Day.” Her idea was similar — to make any or every day a cause for celebration — but she primarily focused on structured celebrations such as parties and on gift-giving. After a while she found she didn’t have enough time to continue publishing her site and gave up the domain name. I decided to rescue the name and expand the concept. I liked the primary idea of celebrating ordinary everyday life. It is an excellent expression of positive psychology. And it reminds me of something I once heard Deepak Chopra say. He said that this is a “recreational universe” and we are meant to create in it and enjoy it.

This site is published by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D., a psychologist and coach who also publishes Superperformance.com®:Human Performance and Achievement Resources.

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