Save the world — or a small part of it

One of the delights of everyday life is the discovery that you can be part of saving the world. Sure, you can’t really save it or even very much of it single-handedly. But you can do something every day that contributes. Often in a big way.

For example, you can’t feed everyone in the world and end world hunger. But you can go to The Hunger Site ( every day, click on the big orange button and give 1.5 cups of rice. There’s no charge to you. It’s funded by sponsors and it has a store for more income. A cup and a half of rice is enough to save one person from starving.

If you want to contribute in a way you can see, help someone you know. It is rare not to know someone who needs help. Physical, psychological or financial. You could help a friend post a résumé online. Cook meals and deliver them to an out-of-work friend — or family. Let a friend crash on your couch until he can get a new job and apartment. Send cards, letters, balloons — whatever — daily to a sick friend or co-worker. Recommend a friend on LinkedIn. Put an ad on your website to promote a friend’s business.

There are an endless number of things you can do every day to help just one person. Most of them cost little time or money. You can think up many more than I can list.

You’ll feel good. The others you help will feel good. And, in time, you’ll notice that the good you do will multiply. Because such activity tends to go viral. If you want to make sure it goes viral, talk to others about what you are doing and encourage them to do the same. Make sure to encourage them to also talk about what they are doing.

Of course, in addition to helping another person, you might want to engage in the daily delight of saving the planet by reducing your negative impact on it. Just one action at a time.